Luke Barton's tableThe

Luke Barton's tableTheSmall angelsFor the help in the correct and consecutive use of tables with stickers look at the examples given below which we applied with some families participating in the program Small angels.

Luke Barton's tableThe hatch was the disobedient and stubborn child.

It never did that spoke to it, and his parents, Joe and Jason, persuaded hours and abused it.

When they started to praise it more than to abuse, they also needed to create for it incentive for behavior change.

Their idle time, but the effective table divided by a principle of trskhchasovy fragments below is given an example.

Instructions for Joe and Jason were the following In each three hours during which the Hatch well behaved, he received a sticker we used represented above an asterisk in the corresponding cage.

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His eyes

His eyes Children sleep in a different way Unlike adults, children cannot, filling up, at once to plunge into a condition of a deep sleep, they need to pass a stage of a superficial dream.

Let's look, as your child sleeps.

Children transfer differently Came to put time the child to bed.

His eyelids stick together, it about at you on hands.

His eyes are closed, but eyelids slightly twitch, breath still rough, members are strained, he can shudder, on a face it there is the wandering smile called by a dream grimace.

But as soon as you stack it in a cradle and, stealthily, try to leave, he right there wakes up.

It occurs because for a moment when you decided to shift it, he completely did not fall asleep.

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Step of the second

Step of the second And can be, your kid is chilled and at it in addition to a liquid, mucous chair the temperature is increased, the general malaise is noted If it so, pass to the following step.

Step of the second define severity of a diarrhea and dehydration.

Your child is still cheerful, with damp eyes, a mouth and a diaper Probably, in this case you should change more often only its diapers and to watch further changes of a chair.

To be convinced that the diarrhea does not cause dehydration, daily vzve the child during the moments when it can least weigh in the mornin before feedin without diapers.

The basic principle says there are no losses in weight there is no also a reason for concern while to call the doctor it is not necessary.

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Thanks to inspection

Thanks to inspectionWhat doctors are necessary for visiting to future parentsTo start to consult to experts it is desirable some months prior to prospective conception.

Future parents should visit the therapist and the stomatologist, the geneticist if it is necessary, to future father also urologist to exclude existence of diseases and the latent infections, and future mother the gynecologist, the oculist and the otolaryngologist.

Thanks to inspection problems which are necessary for solving in advance can be revealed.

To you appoint necessary analyses and consultations of experts, will report a forecast of expected pregnancy.

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CARE OF CHILDREN Therefore most it is reasonable to consult at cough to the doctor, instead of to buy drugs in a drugstore at own discretion or to take from somebody from acquaintances because it helped other child.

CARE OF CHILDREN HAVING THE INFECTION OF THE EAR OTITIS One father, whose child often suffered an ear inflammation, entering to me once again, noticed Ears of my child manage to me most expensively than other parts of his body.

It is true, however if you estimate, as healthy ears for ensuring normal hearing and speech of the child are important, expenses on treatment will not seem to you too big.

That parents need to know about ears of children Understandin as the hearing aid of the person and than ears of the child from from ears of the adult is arranged, you can understand, why children are so subject to diseases of ears and why these diseases should be treated.

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